Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Treaty body chairs meeting, item 4(e)

Here are my comments to item 4(e) on the agenda of the treaty body chairs. 

Item 4(e) Briefing on the OHCHR treaty body capacity-building programme

  •       Measureable statistics – does reporting compliance improve after these programmes are implemented?
  •       Should include implementation topics in the capacity-building training, including a listing of implementation guidance documents that should be consulted by the state party for each treaty, indexed by topic
  •       Encourage continuity of personnel on the state party’s treaty body team, new members should join after last review, go through the OHCHR training, and serve through next report’s review
  •       Capacity building should include how often and how to update common core report
  •       Encourage establishment of a standing, national reporting and implementation mechanism – identify common success factors
  •       Encourage official government websites be established by each state party, posting information on the state party’s treaty body compliance
  •       Encourage consultation with civil society in creating and operating the capacity-building programme; polling the local civil society on its concerns should be part of best practices identified in the capacity building program

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